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As a oil and gas service contractor, you are asked to carry and maintain several insurance policies with specific insurance coverages by the large industry companies. Compliance with these requirements is how you earn your living. At the Insurance Man & Associates, we are dedicated in providing you the insurance service needed to keep you at the job location.

Key services we provide

Here are a few services you need to maintain a strong working relationship with the major oil and gas companies.

Master Service Agreements

Many major oil and gas companies require you, as an independent contractor, to comply with the terms of these comprehensive agreements. Our commercial insurance staff will provide the correct insurance product keeping you compliance and working on location. The last thing you need is refusal to enter the job location because you failed to provide the correct insurance coverages.

Certificates Of Insurance

As an independant contract, you need to maintain the proper insurance coverages your clients demand. The last thing you need is to be refused entrance to the job site for failure to provide certificates of insurance. 

Our staff understands the importance in submitting these certificates to the proper channels and company representatives. 

Third Party Verification companies

Our staff understands the importance of complying with the insurance requirements required by third party verification companies. We are trained on the on how to upload certificates of insurance and supporting policy documentation on your behalf to ISNetworld.

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The Insurance Man & Associates have been working with oil and gas contractors since 1976.